Dusty analog goodness

Weather its music or images/film, I love the warmth analog brings to the table, how could you not!

Rolling Grains analog goodness
This is my current desktop background, something about it just really resonates with me.

Drawing Music

Last year I traveled around Mexico and South America for 6 months – incredible trip, full review probably deserves its own post. Anyway, it didn’t take me long to get robbed, haha, it happens unfortunately. So yeah the thieves scored my awesome Macbook Pro with thousands of dollars worth of software installed as well as my 2tb harddrive full of samples.. I was not a happy chappy, before too long I was missing the freedom of being able to write music when inspiration strikes. It was getting me down quiet a bit so my best friend Celina suggested I get back into drawing, ~since I’m supposed to be a designer and all that jazz :P~ Anyway so I started drawing tunes that were in my head, in a sort of circular fashion that can be read and followed. The below is one of my favourites, I will be sure to post the tune I based off this as soon as it’s finished.

Drawing Music
I drew this in mexico just over a year ago, after I was becoming extremely frustrated that I couldn’t write music.

My studio

I asked a friend if I could borrow her camera to take pictures of all of my things so I had some sort of proof of ownership if anything ever happened, anyway I got carried away trying to get a dope shot of my pride and joy, this photo was of my favourites 🙂

My Pride and Joy
Worth just under 10k, this is where all of my money ends up and where I spend most of my time. Last thing left is basically sound treating my room.

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