From an early age, art and music have always played a big role in Jack’s life. He began learning photoshop in grade 5 at school and went on to pursue graphic design in high school, and eventually a bachelor of design at QUT in 2011.

During his time at university Jack worked on a number of external projects for both clients, and personal purposes. Perhaps notably, was the birth of the mobile app Trigga in 2013, the worlds first social alarm clock. Designed and developed with two other friends, trigga was released in August 2014 on both android and apple appstores.

Soon following the conceptualisation of Trigga, Jack was hired as the lead UI/UX designer for Inkive, an online startup company looking to revolutionise the way people create and share memories through photobooks.

On the cusp of finishing his degree, Jack is setting his sights on moving to Canada in 2017 to pursue a career in sound design.