Business Cards - Front and Back
This is the deisgns for the 1st batch of business cards made for CCC.
Just some Mockups, nothing special!
Alex has asked me to do up alot of signage in various dimensions, they are all very similar but usually need to be tweaked to fit.
Car Vinyl Mockup
The client was unsure how a 2-panel vinyl would look on his work vehicle, so I quickly mockup one up for him.
**Note** he went ahead with it and it looks awesome!
Cap Coast Contractors
[jan – may¬†16′]
I was approached by Alex to produce his new businesses entire visual identity, including; logo, business cards, web design and promotional material. This was a fun project because got to ooze my style in right from the start, rather then adding to someone else’s work. Alex still gets in contact with me when he needs more signage made up and sent to print.