The first Trigga Business Card
This is the first Business card I produced to promote the launch, Note all the ‘orange’ images are from trigga V1 before we changed the colour scheme.
Back-side Business Card
JSJ Technology, our trading name. It comes from the first letters of our three names, I was quiet happy with that logo design actually, nice and tidy I think.
Trigga V1 - Mockups
This was the UI for the first version of Trigga, released in 2014. We soon updated the UI as we felt the orange gradient gets old real quick.
Initial Website
More just to hold the URL then anything else.

The first promo video we made for trigga

I shot and edited the whole thing and the ending animation was done using Adobe After Effects

And the second…

admittedly its been fairly slapped together as I had quite a few other commitments at the time

Trigga V2 Interface spread
Outdated, but still the most recent one of these we’ve done.

The start of V2!
A new UI is born, this is the login page, much fresher and less aggressive to the eyes.
Trigga Timeline
Kind of like a history feed, lets you know what happening in the future and in the past.
Active Alarms
Shows you a list of alarms that you have active and other information.
Create a new Alarm
Set your alarm time, default wake up song, and repeat days. Your friends will now be able to trigga your alarm with voice recordings.
Alarm screen
One of the early iterations of v2’s alarm screen
Record Trigga
Record a 10 second message to your lazy friends telling them to get up and at it. Huge potential for alt media inputs here.
Trigga Contacts
Phonebook matched friends list displayed to make things easy. Basic UI Layout,
Lots of white, keep it fresh yo
[2013 – 2016′]
Trigga is a social alarm app, Its based from the simple realisation that everyone hates their alarm tone, it doesn’t matter if it was your favourite song last week, you hate it now.. So Joel Kelly, Sam Chipperfield and myself embarked on one of the crazier things I’ve ever done, we started designing and building Trigga. The whole process deserves a blog post to itself so for now I’ll just say that it was an incredibly insightful look into the world of business and people trying to rip you off all the time haha.
Great experience for me as a designer though! Download the app on the appstores if you like, otherwise have a browse through the designs!