Global Warming Awareness
1 of 4 Environmental Action posters, Uni assignment
Unsustainable Consumtion
2 of 4 Environmental Action posters, Uni assignment
Climate Changed...
3 of 4 Environmental awareness posters, Uni assignment in 2013
Polluted Planet
Save our home
Croweek Logo
I was the media rep at Cromwell College and this was the design for a week long party we have in semester 2 every year 😛

My 21st Invite
An Invitation for a freind

Australians Online
A infographic telling the story of australians cyber saftey, and what groups of people are most at risk.
Cromwell Bunker
The wild wild west bunker party poster design.

College Bunker party flier

random works
[all time]

a place for all assorted goodies

This page is where i post all sorts of solo designs or smaller projects that don’t really need a page to themselves.
Kinda like my blog but exclusively my own work. You can hover over images to get a description ect. and click the images to view in lightbox mode.